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Brooklyn Wild’s mission is to provide outdoor free play to as many children as possible.

Our sliding scale tuition helps us get closer to this goal.

Choosing a tuition tier is voluntary; there are no income requirements.

We are a small, low-profit company providing a service that’s not widely offered—a space and time for kids to play as they are, no judgments and no adult agendas. For us, $3 makes a big difference. Here’s why:

Tier 2

$38 per class

This fee does not cover the full cost of our classes. However, it pays for part of our facilitators’ salaries and training. Each playworker on our team is uniquely trained to foster a safe play environment without judgment, allowing each child to play at their own pace. We maintain a low ratio of five children to every adult. Our playworkers are also certified in CPR and First Aid.

Tier 1

$40 per class

This fee does not cover the full cost of our classes. However, it helps us pay for everything in Tier 2 plus the materials and supplies we use in every class, such as our First Aid kits, tarps and tents, cart, snacks and hand warmers. It also funds extra rain boots, socks, gloves, hats and scarves that kids share during our winter play, as well as some administrative costs.

The Current Cost

$42 per class

This fee covers the day to day of our after school classes at cost.

Additional fees from holiday classes, workshops, parties and other classes subsidize our sibling discounts and lower tuition tiers for after school classes, the 2020 Winter pop-up space, annual liability insurance, parent education workshops and broader offerings that support freedom in play for every child.

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